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Asian Openbill Stork

Asian Openbill Stork (Anastomus oscitans)

Birds in Flight 

Every aspiring wildlife photographer wants to make images where there is action. Especially in bird photography a bird in flight image is always special for various reasons. In flight the patterns, the colours and the striking features of the bird can be well exhibited.

What are the key factors to consider to make a bird in flight shot

1. Wider aperture to ensure sufficient light to the sensor

2, Faster shutter speed and it varies in direct proportion to the speed of the bird. Large birds tend to be slightly slower compared to the fast falcons whilst swifts and swallows are crazy fast. So the bird that we want to get in flight also is a factor to decide the shutter

3. ISO to suit the above

Now that the settings is covered what are the main factors that differentiate a good bird in flight shot 

1. Is the bird in focus?  A good action without the subject being in focus does not end up as a good image. So ensure the bird is in focus

2. Background - is there a smooth background that make the subject stand out. A bird in flight on a clutter is not going to be satisfying.

3. Last but not least - keep trying to get the above two right and do not share / post them if they are not able to satisfy you on the above points.

Remember - every image is a testimony to your hardwork and every image is the brand you create for yourself.
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