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Grey Plover

Grey Plover (Pluvialis squatarola)

Know when to look for What?

I am coming back to this section after a while as I thought I should write up what will be useful for many ( or a handful at least) 

One question that I have been asked quite frequently is how do you get these shots and when we went we saw nothing and why is that.  The reason is pre work and understanding the timing is very very important. Whilst these waders can be seen in Chennai shores every season and from Sep - May in most cases the birds when they arrive loses their plumage and spend the winters here . Their transformation to their breeding colours starts just before the re migration and hence knowing when is very important . 

Second aspect to this is it is not enough to just know when it is but also understanding tidal movements.  For Wader and shore bird photography tides are very important factors and you just can't go one fine evening and be guaranteed of some great sightings and photographic opportunities . Low tides mean more mud flats open up and crabs and other food are easily available for the birds and hence better chances of sighting them and getting close to them happens.

So to keep it simple there are two minimum key things you need to keep in mind. One is the timing of when what bird can be seen and what's their transformation is going to be and second is what time of the day is suitable.

Happy Sunday all and have a safe time!!!

Birdsforever by Aravind Venkatraman
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